Off into the sunset… THAT STORE Closing

Here ends the era for our ‘local wooden shed of woven delights’. THAT STORE last week, began the process of closing down its stores throughout Melbourne and Sydney. It was quite sudden and it is very unfortunate to see the stores go, along with my job haha!

THAT STORE as well as BluBird Denim Store are among the denim outlets that closed their doors this year in Sydney; oh yeah, and a few Just Jeans stores or something right…?! Here’s hoping that Denim Co. will look into purchasing some boutique and denim-head-friendly jeans.

There are still stores out there tucked away in the streets of Sydney that can fix you up with your denim hits. HALFSLEEVE, Via Alley, CoRLection, Route 66 and Harrolds.

For all alteration customers, you can still contact me via email and I can make arrangements in regards to collecting your jeans for alterations.

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