Remnants… Australia's Last Denim Mill

Thanks to Hassan over at Denim Yoke in Marrickville for finding me what had proven to be a challenging search, identifiable excess fabrics from Bradmill Textiles’ Australian production mill.

The mill was Australia’s largest denim producing mill and also the last in the country. The company still exists in Australia, however, production as with most things ‘fashion’ related in Australia has been taken offshore.


Above is a link for a page that has since been removed from Bradmill’s current website. It includes some photos of the production line from the 1960′s and 1980′s as well as some company history. Check it out since the link will most likely be removed in the future.

I managed to get my indigo covered hands on a diverse range of fabrics from their final years of production in Oz. Some of the fabrics are still packaged in sampling quantities which were sent to companies such as Ksubi in their earlier Tsubi days when they were first starting out.

There is a great mix of right hand twill, dry broken twill, herringbone, stretch, dirty denim dyed, camel colours and a few others. I will be saving these fabrics for something interesting and special!

Here are a few pictures of the fabrics squashed into my car.

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