43200G Replacing 56400P for Alterations

Sourcing and purchasing a 43200G couldn’t have come at a better time. My Union Special 56400P was basically letting me know that I was busting it’s balls on these 19oz double felled and lapped inseam hems and 24 oz hem jobs.

I am in the process of arranging to have the 43200G mounted on a table so I can get it hemming asap. This machine may just be for alterations in the future. I have a different machine in mind for the jeans on my production line. In any case, this will serve well for alterations and a back up in case my ideas don’t quite work out.

I won’t do the whole “vintage 43200G have been discontinued… we found one from the depths of hell” spiel, as most of you are probably tired of reading that same old story by now.

Here are a few photos of the machine though.


This is the machine straight out of packaging.
The top folder is the folder that came with the machine. The bottom folder is an original Union Special that I sourced a while ago thanks to Big Mac over at C&C. Obvious quality difference, but you still have to respect the work that’s gone into replicating the folder. The top folder was actually a replicate of the older style folders with the longer screw plate. These were more commonly seen on the black and brown models, where as the bottom one was usually found on the later beige models.
This is the machine after a few tweaks and the original folder placed on it, after stealing some parts from the replicated folder. It’s now just waiting for me to get it on a table and strapped to a motor.

Oh and just before I forget. No post about a 43200G is complete without these few words. Chain-stitch, rope fade blah blah blah blah blah….

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