Deus Ex Machina’s Festival of Thump 2014 – Sydney

The resurrection of a timeless classic. Design and performance features that have lasted decades, and continue to offer itself as the canvas for many petrol snorting creative rev heads. It is the reintroduction of the Yamaha SR400, and it’s setting is at the Deus Ex Machina Camperdown compound.


DSC08058            DSC07996


Bright sunny day, yet rain was expected. Not even the rain had the balls to drop on this event. I arrived sometime around 11am after meeting with a denim client who lived across the road! I was looking forward to taking some shots in a heavily fueled atmosphere.

To me, the two things that complete the concept of a motorcycle in it’s purist form, which go beyond it’s steel, beyond it’s rubber, beyond it’s powder coats, leather, and bars; are both the rider, and those that look on with envy; it’s audience. Motorcycles are clearly a state of pleasure, whether you are the lucky prick on the receiving end of it, or the poor chump walking, watching, and hearing it scream on a straight.

When I went to the Festival of Thump at Camperdown’s Deus Ex Machina, my intent was to capture those who have helped in the constant progression of the SR400 and it’s increasing social power. Without the rider, there is no bike. So if you’re after macro shots of clip ons, or close ups of wrapped pipes, I’m sure you can look elsewhere. Here are the people who bring it all together. Who’s thump started in their chests before it ever reached their thighs. This is a photo journal of the pricks, and the chumps, their denim, and their bikes.

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