Kerbside Treasures

The deadliest time for me and everyone else on the road is during the local council’s bi-annual¬† kerbside cleanup. I can’t help but keep an eye out for machine age industrial furniture, or heaven forbid an actual industrial sewing machine (I’ve seen it once).

It seems most families are happy to let go of furniture made of real leather, metal, brass and wood to make room for their new trendy Ikea plastic stack-able furniture.  This works well for me as well as the many antique shop dealers and visual merchandisers who can be seen at midnight every kerbside clean up with a van or ute doing a good old fashioned grab and run in their ninja outfits.

This was my latest find while on my way to have yum-cha haha.

Clean lines, and straight throughout. These are photos of the chair before I cleaned it. The wooden top block had cracks from over drying, as well as water damage stains which I thought was a great contrast. I lightly sanded back the coarse and loose sections but kept the cracked aesthetic before applying a coat of linseed oil and beeswax. Luckily there was no sign of rot or termite damage.

The body had a bit of rust which I cleaned off and sealed. I still like keeping rust stains though to preserve the original patina of the item when I found it.

The seat just needed some cleaning around the piping and a light re-oiling.

This chair now sits under my Singer 119W2 hemstitch machine.

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