Melbourne's Streets and Creative 'Feets'. – Part 1

My recent trip to Melbourne was both inspiring and refreshing. Melbourne is very much a creative hub full of quirks and culture that seamlessly manages to blend history and innovation within it’s alleyways and lanes.

My girlfriend and I decided not to plan anything for the trip and rather just explore as many lanes and back alleys as possible. Spontaneous discovery always brings about more excitement and a greater feeling of accomplishment than checklists and time-frames… yawn! Spontaneous alley-way action yeah yeah yeah!!

The State Library actually had to be one of the most kick ass libraries we’ve visited. You wouldn’t normally hear the words kick ass and library in the one sentence unless you were going to ‘kick someone’s ass, in the library!’ The library had art galleries and exhibitions, rooms to listen to a huge range of music, watch DVD’s and docos, a video gaming room with PlayStation’s, Xbox’s and Wii’s (this is probably where the ass kicking takes place), an area with the latest magazines… or zines as you hipsters call it… The closest thing we have to something similar in Sydney would’ve been our local Borders, which has now closed down, most likely thanks to Melbourne and their damn super-library.

The graffiti… well, you cant talk about graffiti, it has to be seen.

Yep.. and that was less than half of what was in one alley.


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