Obscured Details #2 – Momotaro x Japan Blue

When finding shit to write about, it gets to the point where fit is irrelevant. What should be noticed are the details. Fit’s are always subjective and personal preference. A slim fit is such a broad term. To some, slim is another man’s straight, vice versa. Obscured details are those details that you wouldn’t notice from more than a metre away. Creative little jelly beans that you hide in your pocket and refuse to share with anyone else unless they get into your pants!

Obscured details are what separates a creative business, from a business business. When the business business types sniff out the jelly beans in your pocket (*cough* selvedge *cough*) and try to replicate it, it’s time to jump ship and leg it out to the next jelly bean patch.

I almost feel guilty for sharing construction details of other brands on the web, but I know that they’ve already started work on the next great thing.

Momotaro x Japan Blue – Japan Blue x Momotaro



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